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Rose Gold Is A Super Hero

Like for me it’s Rose Gold and anything that fits in around that. Rose Gold is my hero that can sleigh any situation with panache.

When the film maker photographer who runs this joint ( she is a cool drone piloting, adventure crazy, scuba and free diving chick w snow skiing tendencies ) left for a European trip she discovered some hard in your face, color and culture and decor truths.

Rose Gold is the base color this film maker loves most – but the Pantene 2020 choice is blue – so what now?
White and Gold and Rose Gold themed – then the next week was brightly tropical coloured and beach boho – so what trends are really trends?

We just can’t get off of our passion for rose gold! Even though ‘Pantone’s color of the year’ sets the ‘tone’ for many of those in fashion, design, weddings – how much of the new color will weave it’s way into your life.

Weddings are definitely influenced by culture. So using that ‘blue’ may not be cool. We discovered the color palette from one week to the next is totally different. As you’d expect, we are all unique.

Traditional Wedding Costumes & Why

FOR SOME MIND BENDING Traditional Wedding color trends visit Bored Panda – be prepared for oddities and amazingness. My top 3 are the Kazakhstan Princess and the (rose gold accented) Indian Couple last is the Japanese Couple simple elegant and stunning

2020 Wedding Color Schemes

Westchester has a wedding color review to die for, here it is below

Wedding Color Choice

Found this amazingly short and concise article by TK Bridal Designs

The story about wedding colors in different cultures below was an inspiration for me, because they got most of this right along side the other stories I’ve found. It seems there is a root which really keeps our cultures grounded in ancient beliefs and translates that into colors for wedding day.

Well TK Bridal Atlanta managed to put it into short paragraphs, with no research references, but, if you read and research, you’ll find they are spot on.

Wedding Color Should Start With Your Personal Taste

TK Bridal Designs, Atlanta


In China, brides pick not one wedding dress, but three. At first she wears a red dress because the Chinese believe red is the color of joy and luck. Later, bride swaps into a white dress and finally she wears a gown according to her own choice of color. 


Americans didn’t always consider white as a traditional wedding dress color. American brides would dress in red to symbolize the sovereignty desired during the time of Colonialism. Besides red, some brides also wore purple, which represented a tribute to bravery during the Civil War as a mark of respect to the war dead.


Moroccans support wedding dresses in bright yellow, because they believe the color scares away the evil eye. If not yellow, in Morocco, wedding dresses come in green. It is to represent greenery and respect to the motherland. In addition, green is supposed to bring good luck according to Moroccan tradition.


Kimono is a traditional dress of Japan. So, to keep their tradition Japanese brides wear a white kimono lined in red. The mixture of these two colors symbolizes happiness and a new beginning. Shifting into additional gowns in gold, silver, gold, red and white is common.


In India, wedding is bounded by many rituals and ceremonies. Bridal outfits are generally made of silk embroidered with golden thread. Depending on the region, the silk is red or white with a red border or a combination of yellow, green and white. Indians believe in making the environment colorful during wedding, which is why they mix multiple colors in wedding gowns.


In Korea, brides wear Wonsam over the traditional wedding dress, the Hanbok. Wonsam is usually lime-green in color. The Wonsam is embroidered with flowers and butterflies. It is banded with red symbolizing paradise, indigo for terrain, and yellow for compassion. The bride’s hands are covered in white, the symbol of esteem.


When the entire world is behind colorful wedding dress, Spanish tradition does not necessarily follow the trend. Spanish brides wear black gowns and lacy mantillas. The black color is to represent the devotion of brides to their partner until death. 

Tradition Gives Identity To Every Bride

TK Bridal Designs, Atlanta

Tradition gives identity to every bride, so it is good to follow it. The above mentioned wedding dress colors from 7 different countries represent their own tradition. Your choice of wedding dress color will reflect your personality traits.

If you are confused about your wedding dress color, first go with your favorite color.  The color you choose is an indication of how you envision your future marriage.

In order to design a wedding dress that matches your traditions, you can always rely on TK Designs. We will create a unique, stunning wedding gown for you.  Call us at (404) 943-0037 today or view our gowns online.”

WHAT THE FILM MAKER SAW – during fashion week in Paris and a visit to London 

1) Chandeliers with minimalist decor – so IN
2) Gold Matte and Brushed Matte steel decor is IN
3) Grey walls and concrete with worn wood Uber modern shapes and or extremely traditional accents is majorly IN
4) Natural woodland greens, Eucalyptus and dried flowers are seriously IN – seen in abundance on the catwalk recently
5) Sustainable everything is IN – second hand stores, big print dresses of different clashing colours, and decor for the table too.
6) Finger and hand knitted, sustainable decor and for example recycled tyres into ottomans, tables covered in hand knitted ropes and wools, are really IN.

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