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The Weddings Today Story. I’m a videographer, photographer, writer, mother to four girls – and yes, I am anticipating some rather lovely weddings. I work with a second photographer for large weddings, and bring in a great young talent for videography.

We fly drones when we can and the beautiful drone make the licensing & insurance worth it. We hope to see you soon on a beach, Mangrove trail, Tamarind trail, State Park Beach, wooded hammock, church, dock, yacht or reef saying ‘I Do.’ 

Wedding Guide To the Florida Keys. The Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce prints this magazine, see below for the page I’m on. But the fabulously handy great wedding guide is inside and you must see it. ‘Destination Key Largo’

Beautiful Small Wedding & Elopements - Love Triumphs Over COVID-19

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don’t hesitate to call or email me for a photo booking. what many people find intimidating is knowing what they really want. with many years in the business of journalism, scuba instruction, raising children, dogs and cats, we consider ourselves friendly and approachable. not intimidating at all. ask us for help. we are here to help you.

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