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elopement videography – the tough, the young & the beautiful

elopement videography & photography

The – not strictly an elopement – elopement videography and elopement photography of Mr & Mrs. Anthony Bynum’s Kona Kai Botanical Gardens Resort – well ok – small wedding.

key largo wedding vendors

curated elopement photographic gallery

elopement videography is a small change to a massive trend

Since we are all trying to stay away a bit more nowadays, the size of weddings has shrunk somewhat. So the trend is towards ‘elopements’ which are not really elopements, just small weddings…with full knowledge of the fam back home. 

We need a new name for the tiny weddings…maybe micro wedding…elopement implies the couple are making a major ‘break with tradition.’ It’s up to them, but, generally we like to do what cultures suggest we do…

And so the world is elevated a little by this beauty. This moment. The capturing of which we are blessed to have been a small part of.  Where there is true love there is a legend in the making. These two young souls have the makings of legends.


elopement videography - moving pictures

She wanted the elopement video, so we made that happen. Young, savvy and both fast, really fast runners. Like all young people should be, their visit to the Florida Keys was packed with honeymooning trips that would satisfy even the radd-est adventurer. Wishing I had accompanied them on the trip with my camera….

There was an epic back country honeymoon fishing trip, by the photos she sent my way…she out-fished him. Setting the tone for the future Mr & Mrs ‘Fish-On’ Bynum.


how can you tell you've found the right one?

And just saying those two things ‘honeymoon & fishing’ in the same sentence show us what kind of a life these two are going to have….lucky kids is all I can say. I Super Love you Kayla and Anthony. Congrats. Smooochhhesss

It was just a change of a few details that brought them to me in Key Largo at Kona Kai Resort. I am so blessed beyond my understanding to have met them and had them with me for their beautiful ceremony. Elopement and Wedding Photography & Film is not easy. But we knew these two were unique and super lovely.

And we think they both made the right catch. Their happy smiles and giggles were infectious, the entire resort was lined up at the back cheering them on as they made their way back to do cake and couple shots.


elopement videography - at last

wedding photographer & wedding videographer

So we went for the complete package with still images and video to share their beautiful story.

For real. The world does, and should, stop when it’s your turn. When the people and things around you bend ever so slightly, without perhaps even looking, in your direction. To catch a glimpse or steal a peek.


The noise of the ocean, boats, the palms, birds gently drop to a whisper, the hush comes over your space. Dolphin fins break the waters surface. A magical un-written silence befalls any revelry, even the cats stop, regally poised and gaze upon that mysteriously impregnable bubble that encompasses you for your pledge of love, vow of commitment, statement of life time bonding.

Kayla and Anthony surprised me every step of the way. From hello to thank you. The thank you, like the hello, comes from such an obviously deep embrace for the love in the world. It came out in this way in our photographs, but also in her reaction to them.


what Kayla Bynum says

Ashley & Daniel & London & Baloo

North Carolina Engagement Photography

We met over the phone, Ashley needed a wedding photographer for her New Years Eve wedding but she got a North Carolina engagement photographer at the same time.

This couple have an exciting life. Their wedding is epic and we have not even had it yet. One thing I know, heading to the Dry Tortugas for a photo shoot will put this photographer in a great mood. I am so excited to know you and can’t wait to see you all again in the Florida Keys.

Wedding Location – The Dry Tortugas & The Islander Resort

Engagement Location – Rand Bryan House & Downton Raleigh & The Capital Building & Clyde Coopers BBQ Raleigh

North Carolina engagement photographer
North Carolina engagement photographer

Wedding Chicks Spotlight

Wedding Chicks Spotlight Nada Khalaf-Jones
Key Largo Photographer & Drone Wedding Video Pro

Wedding Chicks Spotlight - Nada Khalaf-Jones

Wedding Chicks Spotlight– Nada Khalaf-Jones loves that she has found a place to shine. We love to beautifully capture your moment. This licensed Florida Keys Proffessional Photographer has a drone and she knows how to use it. And edit the film and photographs she gets from it. What many people do not know is how much work that is. It’s not just launch the drone and your content comes out just perfectly. There is a world of work between launch, landing and production. But we have it figured out pretty well. For Drone Wedding Video Overdose follow the link

We’re always excited to feature exceptional wedding talent here, especially when they’re doing really cool things for the brides and grooms we love. Click below to learn more about Weddings Today 💕🌊✨

Posted by Wedding Chicks on Friday, March 13, 2020


wedding chicks spotlight Nada Khalaf-Jones

Do join me for your family photography, elopement photography, engagement photography or full scale wedding celebration.

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