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The – not strictly an elopement – elopement videography and elopement photography of Mr & Mrs. Anthony Bynum’s Kona Kai Botanical Gardens Resort – well ok – small wedding.

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elopement videography is a small change to a massive trend

Since we are all trying to stay away a bit more nowadays, the size of weddings has shrunk somewhat. So the trend is towards ‘elopements’ which are not really elopements, just small weddings…with full knowledge of the fam back home. 

We need a new name for the tiny weddings…maybe micro wedding…elopement implies the couple are making a major ‘break with tradition.’ It’s up to them, but, generally we like to do what cultures suggest we do…

And so the world is elevated a little by this beauty. This moment. The capturing of which we are blessed to have been a small part of.  Where there is true love there is a legend in the making. These two young souls have the makings of legends.


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She wanted the elopement video, so we made that happen. Young, savvy and both fast, really fast runners. Like all young people should be, their visit to the Florida Keys was packed with honeymooning trips that would satisfy even the radd-est adventurer. Wishing I had accompanied them on the trip with my camera….

There was an epic back country honeymoon fishing trip, by the photos she sent my way…she out-fished him. Setting the tone for the future Mr & Mrs ‘Fish-On’ Bynum.


how can you tell you've found the right one?

And just saying those two things ‘honeymoon & fishing’ in the same sentence show us what kind of a life these two are going to have….lucky kids is all I can say. I Super Love you Kayla and Anthony. Congrats. Smooochhhesss

It was just a change of a few details that brought them to me in Key Largo at Kona Kai Resort. I am so blessed beyond my understanding to have met them and had them with me for their beautiful ceremony. Elopement and Wedding Photography & Film is not easy. But we knew these two were unique and super lovely.

And we think they both made the right catch. Their happy smiles and giggles were infectious, the entire resort was lined up at the back cheering them on as they made their way back to do cake and couple shots.


elopement videography - at last

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So we went for the complete package with still images and video to share their beautiful story.

For real. The world does, and should, stop when it’s your turn. When the people and things around you bend ever so slightly, without perhaps even looking, in your direction. To catch a glimpse or steal a peek.


The noise of the ocean, boats, the palms, birds gently drop to a whisper, the hush comes over your space. Dolphin fins break the waters surface. A magical un-written silence befalls any revelry, even the cats stop, regally poised and gaze upon that mysteriously impregnable bubble that encompasses you for your pledge of love, vow of commitment, statement of life time bonding.

Kayla and Anthony surprised me every step of the way. From hello to thank you. The thank you, like the hello, comes from such an obviously deep embrace for the love in the world. It came out in this way in our photographs, but also in her reaction to them.


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city & river – english wedding inspiration photography

Good Day! English Wedding Inspiration here. We have been traveling around seeking wedding inspired perspectives and angles. Found – January’s Wedding Inspiration starts in Sloane Square.

For a cool but not freezing January in our beautiful English capital city and a riverside Sunday at Walton-On-Thames.

This wedding inspiration, our first in 2020, we took the indomitable Sony Alpha 9 out for a morning meander in Sloane Square and a lunch time languish in the country.

Walton-On-Thames is Wedding Ready

Sincerely – the swans and the decor inspired us to spend some time investigating. This great spot was definitely naturally Wedding Ready!

Insert Wedding Party Here

Deftly blending form and function – this ‘Classic Inn’ gives the feel of tradition paired with modern trends.

There are fabulously appointed rooms and furnishings. Classic mixed with overlook of the fiercely flowing river!

We loved the crosses oars adorning the wall, and the hand painted signage. Calligraphy and its applications today are always so alluring and luxurious. And it’s all over this Riverside Inn. Happily!

Sunday Lunch – ‘The Angler’s, Walton-On-Thames‘ absolutely iconic and famous for its food, river side tables, views and bar offerings.

Check us out Wedding Videography Wedding Photography – Drone Wedding on Google!

Florida Keys Weddings & Weddings Worldwide

What’s better than a featured listing on an international online wedding magazine? Two! Well yeah. Here is the first: European based: Let’s Bee Together

wedding trends


What do we know about weddings and wedding trends? Wedding make up, wedding hair, wedding decor, wedding planning, wedding dj’s, wedding cuisine, wedding venues, wedding culture! Drone wedding video, weddin film and wedding photography.

We love the world of weddings and if Martha Stewart is focused squarely on it with a magazine. Well what does that say to you! Hmm. Since we stopped scuba diving around the world and stood still long enough. Suddenly the world on dry land makes sense. It seems weddings are the life blood of this crazy human existence. And so we are diving in with both fins on!


When you live here, in Florida, you can’t swing a camera without hitting a bride or groom. Best thing is we photograph and film wedding trends as they unfold in front of us. Literally on our doorstep a few – feet from our front door is a wedding venue to the north, south, west, east.

We are passionately enamored by Elopements or Weddings at boutique resorts, large venues or private homes. Drone wedding video soars from secluded beaches. From drones we glimpse a bride as she takes the last meaningful steps to the altar – to her new life – through the tip tops of swaying palms – love is in the air!!!


Wedding traditions always seem to bring us back to us ancient culture. No matter who we are. Each moment someone says I do somewhere on earth – it’s a moment of connecting them to the first ceremonies between two humans into a single bond of matrimony. And joy!

We love the flow of wedding trends and we follow along within the Florida Keys and far outside our own neighborhood. Because the threads of our wedding traditions extend beyond our personal space.


And how can that single ‘I do’ not affect me and my little place on earth? The butterfly effect. Imagine it multiplied thousands of times over daily, worldwide!

Weddings Today is the global idea that we are all connected. More so by our digital visual content sharing. Than ever before. Photography and film from a wedding in Prague is on Instagram accounts all over the world instantaneously.

When a bride in Russia raises her bouquet to heave it over her shoulder that specific combination of floral elements is absolutely snagged by floral creators worldwide – their inspirations is instantaneously shared!

When a bride in Dubai steps out of a limousine stop the press and crush on the dress.

And when an Irish misty veil is raised from the blush of a brides face as she turns to her betrothed on the Emerald Isle – is the make up and hair styled to perfection copied around the globe – of course it is – do we all fall over ourselves to capture the deep woodland theme of the dark ash grey green of the forest decor on the endless table – of course we do. We go giddy for it!

PERFECT MOMENTS NEED TO BE SHARED – it’s the antidote to bad news

Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest – the list goes on, let us all see the moment they share. Whether it’s the kiss, their trending color choices, the mod setting, their local cultural decor, a style we’ve never seen before. We see it almost immediately.

It’s all about social wedding geeking out! And we love the connectivity presented to us. Weddings Today are amazingly esthetically attractive. All because of a bond. A human exchange of eternal rings so many many of us choose to make. For life. Until death. From whenever And wherever we hail.

Our ancient and human matrimonial bond has been intended in the same way – worldwide – since the beginning of time.

Where two families join together with the intention to create a life long bond. There is a whole new universe of wedding food, flowers, tradition, decor, dress and culture just overflowing…and it’s the same worldwide.

Nada – Weddings Today

This woman owned and operated, woman lead small film photo production studio started life in Europe.

We want to bring international and local weddings together alongside each other. Here. At Weddings Today dot Co dot UK.


As freelance journalists and world wide crusty scuba divers we lived tough and rough and kept ungentlemanly hours.

Since getting hitched in 1996 we have grown accustomed to the same latitude and longitude for sunrise to sunset for about 23 years!

Our family (4 kids 2 dogs 1 cat) waterfront life is lived as wildly as possible. We endeavor to stay within the boundaries.

Wild sometimes finds us in this Florida’s Scuba Diving and Destination Wedding capital of the USA. The Florida Keys.

We thrive on our absolute favorite visual content production projects; luxury waterfront real estate, elegant beach elopements, stunning prom portraits and weddings weddings weddings!

Not always tropical coconut and beach themed we do ultra modern fashion forward and trending Florida Keys wedding styles.

Just a sample of some of the local chefs and professional wedding cuisine vendors can really illustrate that!

Pair tropical and modern European fusion cuisine, super glamorous or laid back and local dining. Bali and Asia with Europe and the Middle East – there simply aren’t any limits when it comes to weddings.

One of my personal fave topics for film and photography is a solid dose of dance and good wholesome partying, fueled by energetic and creative mixologists, dj’s, music. We truly do fight for your right to party. As long as we can keep the camera steady! And there are some exotic cocktails and interesting eats to feast our lenses upon!

PUBLISHED!!!! Yes we publish our wedding photography and film. Worldwide. And it gives the impression that, yes many more are beginning to agree, that the work we do influences peoples choices.

And that would be true quite a few times over. Because we LOVE the world we inhabit. And we do share our work widely, frequently.

When we ‘style’ shoots that are featured what goes around, comes around in an online magazine or website. Sharing influences becomes even more relevant and powerful.

Art and science are rooted in the same library of my imagination: we dream what’s possible, then create it. Look at the geniuses alive today making dreams come true. It’s the same imagination and impetus that fuels us to make what we see around us into a trend, a style, a combined culture, all the American, Middle Eastern, African, Asian and European cities we visit.

How can you ignore the threads of saffron, the bohemian prints, the call to prayer, the patterns of henna, the church bells, the silks and linens, the woodland scents and fresh or dried flowers, the fusion of cultures: we love the collision of worlds.

It’s like the colors have run and blended into something new no one could have imagined.

And the collision of all marriage cultures comes here: to be played out at the beach resorts, private estates and homes, where we host elopements and weddings from around the world, daily in the Florida Keys.