film – photo when this page was created it was meant to have our gorgeous wedding films then a photo or photo gallery from the wedding. It isn’t easy you now. To get wedding photography at the same time as wedding videography.

wedding film – photo

We do love it. Or is it wedding videography and wedding photography – why is it called wedding film ? Anyone?

Im glad to be swimming in the the wonderful world ocean of weddings. It is so rich in texture and even more deep with culture and national identity. I mean where else do we see our future STAMPED so clearly than when we get married?? There is more about that here at our recent blog

So I’m an addict and it’s hard to put the Sony Alpha and DJI Drone cameras down long enough to write this blog on my MacBook Pro!!! 😂😁 there – got the outbound links

AJ & Sarina at the Largo Resort across from my house – literally, a stones throw. Stacia Morgan asked me to come and film this for her. I love working with that talented lady. She can be found here

Re-Edit! And when their three films were all edited and they loved them all I asked a friend of mine to re-edit it in his perspective. I love this. I do. He did good work.

My edit, also on Vimeo where all the films hang out. If you want the showcase hit the link here

the beauty of our earth is stunning it really is – when there isn’t a good bit of news on your screen a small comment of kindness can turn you around – flowers are so popular because they bring the sense of hope back to your moment. I wish id given my Dad more flowers. He loved them

wedding chicks liked this one so they featured it on their Facebook and social media – key destination weddings & events loved it too they too were inspired by the beauty of this couple – the comments like ‘it’s about time Jimmy’ diet go unnoticed by me and the crew…..they are a stunning couple love love love the dress – watch the synchronised swimmers

film - photo
film - photo
weddings today
film - photo