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halloween photography

So this has become a bit of a habit really. Dogs, flowers, jewelry, cakes, kids, decor, back yard and fun fun fun. The Florida Keys lifestyle is so very unusual. Flowers by the best of the best, cakes by the best of the best of the best, eclectic mix of Bali castoffs, collected spooky season knick knacks that really just work every season we bring them out. Oh. And it’s her birthday. She is 13!

Her Down syndrome sister Laila is a super star. But Mira is a bigger star than most because she makes Laila her responsibility. Some would say that’s not fair. Mira would say spook off, Laila needs all the allies in life she can get. And the combination works extremely well. Mira is a volleyball, softball, lacrosse playing friend and her sister Laila is a Special Olympics champion swimmer, soon to be runner and one day Cheeeeeeer Leader!

So hip hip hooray for the halloween and Howl O Ween birthday party of Key Largo.

Halloween Children’s Party

Halloween Photography

we love moody halloween party decor inspiration

Dog Photography

The love between friends. Timeless friendships that have endured the short time since the photos you see. They are all teens now! All about to embark on their last year of ‘middle school’

Children’s Halloween Party Photography

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