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City & River Wedding Inspiration

Good Day! We have been traveling around seeking wedding inspired perspectives and angles

Found – January’s Wedding Inspiration starts in Sloane Square.

For a cool but not freezing January in our beautiful English capital city and a riverside Sunday at Walton-On-Thames.

This wedding inspiration, our first in 2020, we took the indomitable Sony Alpha 9 out for a morning meander in Sloane Square and a lunch time languish in the country.

Walton-On-Thames is Wedding Ready

Sincerely – the swans and the decor inspired us to spend some time investigating. This great spot was definitely naturally Wedding Ready!

Insert Wedding Party Here

Deftly blending form and function – this ‘Classic Inn’ gives the feel of tradition paired with modern trends.

There are fabulously appointed rooms and furnishings. Classic mixed with overlook of the fiercely flowing river!

We loved the crosses oars adorning the wall, and the hand painted signage. Calligraphy and its applications today are always so alluring and luxurious. And it’s all over this Riverside Inn. Happily!

Sunday Lunch – ‘The Angler’s, Walton-On-Thames‘ absolutely iconic and famous for its food, river side tables, views and bar offerings.

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engagement photography

Engagement Photography

Locals guide to a last minute rush proposal job. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just last minute. And life sometimes just happens.

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In this case he had a plan and had executed it. The photographers weren’t available, or were too steep in pricing, or were simply not answering phones. He called me, and in a matter of a few hours, we met and it worked out perfectly.

Living across the street or minutes away from hundreds of miles of coastline covered in resort boutique and franchised hotels has it’s benefits.

And running a Down syndrome charity for 9 years taught this photographer there are a lot of resources on these islands, way more than you’d expect. And when you’ve got the local knowledge last minute is actually really easy. Especially in these amazing Florida Keys.

We have a very simple road system: one road US1, it goes north and south, for a couple of hundred miles. And on either side are hotels and beaches, with bars and restaurants, shops and ocean or the bay.

Engagement Photography

British born Key Largo based, our photographs and films are featured frequently on wedding magazines world-wide. If you want a visit check out the most recent inspiration on our popular @skybornvisual instagram this one was featured on two magazine websites. We love it! #featuredphotography

So when last minute engagements come through, at the Hampton Inn, in Key Largo we get going fast and we know where to go. Sourcing the ‘stuff’ that makes a last minute rush job look planned is quite skilful but we love to do it.

Here is what it looks like in the end. Simple, beach, sunset. Of course she said YES! All this on a budget too: total $45 champagne, $35 flowers, $295 photographer (with coordination, flowers, glasses and champagne in hand)


engagement photographer