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Kayla & Anthony - Hearts On Fire

They were always going to elope. It was just a change of a few details that brought them to me in Key Largo at Kona Kai Resort. I am so blessed beyond my understanding to have met them and had them with me for their beautiful ceremony. Elopement and Wedding Photography & Film is not easy. But we knew these two were unique and super lovely. So we went for the complete package with still images and video to share their beautiful story.

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Stop The World - Vows

For real. The world does stop when it”s your turn. When the people and things around you bend ever so slightly, without perhaps even looking, in your direction. To catch a glimpse or steal a peek.

Simply being near this ‘new love’ moment – attracts us like bees to polen, as an intimate bond is laid open for the universe to revere. It could be rings made of paper, vows at a bus stop on a busy street, it’s always going to be a magnet for all humanity! Hope. That is what it is.

The noise of the ocean, boats, the palms, birds gently drop to a whisper, the hush comes over your space. Dolphin fins break the waters surface. A magical un-written silence befalls any revelry, even the cats stop, regally poised and gaze upon that mysteriously impregnable bubble that encompasses you for your pledge of love, vow of commitment, statement of life time bonding.

Kayla and Anthony surprised me every step of the way. From hello to thank you. The thank you, like the hello, comes from such an obviously deep embrace for the love in the world. It came out in this way in our photographs, but also in her reaction to them.

What She Said

“Still swooning. I definitely cried viewing them. You are so talented. Idk how you did it but you captured us so perfectly. Every time I look at them I relive the best day of my life & that is exactly what every bride should feel. Needless to say you exceeded our expectations. You will forever hold a special place in my heart & I just know our paths crossed for a reason. You will be a lifelong friend. Please send me where to drop a review of your amazing work. We love you Nada ❤️”

Photography - Capture The Moment

And so the world is elevated a little by this beauty. Elopement photography or wedding photography, it is simply about how to capture the moment. The capturing of which we are blessed to have been a small part of.  Where there is true love there is a legend in the making. These two young souls have the makings of legends.

Young, savvy and both fast, really fast runners. Like all young people should be, their visit to the Florida Keys was packed with honeymooning trips that would satisfy even the radd-est adventurer.

Fish-On Honeymoon

There was an epic back country honeymoon fishing trip, by the photos she sent my way…she out-fished him. Setting the tone for the future Mr & Mrs ‘Fish-On’ Bynum.

And just saying those two things ‘honeymoon & fishing’ in the same sentence show us what kind of a life these two are going to have….lucky kids is all I can say. I Super Love you Kayla and Anthony. Congrats. Smooochhhesss

Ask Nada Khalaf-Jones - Family Photographer

Wedding Chicks Spotlight

Wedding Chicks Spotlight Nada Khalaf-Jones
Key Largo Photographer & Drone Wedding Video Pro

Wedding Chicks Spotlight - Nada Khalaf-Jones

Wedding Chicks Spotlight– Nada Khalaf-Jones loves that she has found a place to shine. We love to beautifully capture your moment. This licensed Florida Keys Proffessional Photographer has a drone and she knows how to use it. And edit the film and photographs she gets from it. What many people do not know is how much work that is. It’s not just launch the drone and your content comes out just perfectly. There is a world of work between launch, landing and production. But we have it figured out pretty well. For Drone Wedding Video Overdose follow the link

We’re always excited to feature exceptional wedding talent here, especially when they’re doing really cool things for the brides and grooms we love. Click below to learn more about Weddings Today 💕🌊✨

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wedding chicks spotlight Nada Khalaf-Jones

Do join me for your family photography, elopement photography, engagement photography or full scale wedding celebration.

We offer drone with ALL our packages and video in addition to photography.

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Engagement Photography

Locals guide to a last minute rush proposal job. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just last minute. And life sometimes just happens.

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In this case he had a plan and had executed it. The photographers weren’t available, or were too steep in pricing, or were simply not answering phones. He called me, and in a matter of a few hours, we met and it worked out perfectly.

Living across the street or minutes away from hundreds of miles of coastline covered in resort boutique and franchised hotels has it’s benefits.

And running a Down syndrome charity for 9 years taught this photographer there are a lot of resources on these islands, way more than you’d expect. And when you’ve got the local knowledge last minute is actually really easy. Especially in these amazing Florida Keys.

We have a very simple road system: one road US1, it goes north and south, for a couple of hundred miles. And on either side are hotels and beaches, with bars and restaurants, shops and ocean or the bay.

Engagement Photography

British born Key Largo based, our photographs and films are featured frequently on wedding magazines world-wide. If you want a visit check out the most recent inspiration on our popular @skybornvisual instagram this one was featured on two magazine websites. We love it! #featuredphotography

So when last minute engagements come through, at the Hampton Inn, in Key Largo we get going fast and we know where to go. Sourcing the ‘stuff’ that makes a last minute rush job look planned is quite skilful but we love to do it.

Here is what it looks like in the end. Simple, beach, sunset. Of course she said YES! All this on a budget too: total $45 champagne, $35 flowers, $295 photographer (with coordination, flowers, glasses and champagne in hand)


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drone wedding video

Florida Keys Drone Wedding Video