Jessica and Justin Key Largo, Florida

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Jessica and Justin had a simple, economical engagement at the Hampton Inn in Key Largo. It was, for that reason, my favorite engagement photographic shoot. When there isn’t a lot going on the essential meaning of what is happening is not drowned out. Appreciating the simplicity of this, is merely a way to say, sometimes, minimal is optimal.

So their story goes like this: I received a call, he was negotiating prices with others and wanted to know my engagement photography price. We settled on a rate close to my typical rate and I promised I’d bring the pink and red bouquet he wasn’t going to have time to order or get delivered. I’m not just a wedding photographer, I’ve been an event planner for decades for not- for-profits in the Florida Keys. I understand when there is a last minute ‘really vital’ need and was happy to source the flowers.


Justin got the Korbel Rose Brut and we met at the front lobby, the ladies there made the glasses and a silver tray happen. All that was missing was to commence the secret surprise plan. She came over on his arm, beautiful and glowing, so pretty in her black one piece and her gorgeous vibrant auburn hair. They wove their way through the large crowd gathered for the sunset. Some had twigged there was a proposal about to go down. I’d asked the manager for a small table and a silver tray – the final presentation was a simple beach front display of glasses, champagne and flowers to Justin’s specifications. He had the ring. He was very nervous. He told me. I told him that’s good, it’s an important question, but don’t forget to breath.

I’d spent a little time warming up the crowd while he was getting the plan in place with Jessica. I’d grabbed some innocent bystanders and made them pose for me to get the light right and the flash balanced. Those shots were all delivered to the people. As they approached the Hampton Inn beach sunset went absolutely psychedelic on us. It was breathtaking so when I stepped away from the designated ‘proposal area’ and finally saw her realize what was about to go down, the sun just burst into color and for some reason the crowd went nutty.

It was one of those thrilling, chilling hair raising moments. For the couple, the crowd behind me and the entire hotel, who seemed to have gathered not just for the psychedelic sunset but to catch a glimpse of love in its infancy. Some tears were shed around the place, I heard sniffles. I fell in love with love all over again. Enjoy the photographs. My first EVER beach engagement shoot in Key largo – right across from this photographers home.

So proud to be featured by Tacari Weddings. Again! Really stoked guys!!


engagement photography

Engagement Photography

Locals guide to a last minute rush proposal job. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just last minute. And life sometimes just happens.

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In this case he had a plan and had executed it. The photographers weren’t available, or were too steep in pricing, or were simply not answering phones. He called me, and in a matter of a few hours, we met and it worked out perfectly.

Living across the street or minutes away from hundreds of miles of coastline covered in resort boutique and franchised hotels has it’s benefits.

And running a Down syndrome charity for 9 years taught this photographer there are a lot of resources on these islands, way more than you’d expect. And when you’ve got the local knowledge last minute is actually really easy. Especially in these amazing Florida Keys.

We have a very simple road system: one road US1, it goes north and south, for a couple of hundred miles. And on either side are hotels and beaches, with bars and restaurants, shops and ocean or the bay.

Engagement Photography

British born Key Largo based, our photographs and films are featured frequently on wedding magazines world-wide. If you want a visit check out the most recent inspiration on our popular @skybornvisual instagram this one was featured on two magazine websites. We love it! #featuredphotography

So when last minute engagements come through, at the Hampton Inn, in Key Largo we get going fast and we know where to go. Sourcing the ‘stuff’ that makes a last minute rush job look planned is quite skilful but we love to do it.

Here is what it looks like in the end. Simple, beach, sunset. Of course she said YES! All this on a budget too: total $45 champagne, $35 flowers, $295 photographer (with coordination, flowers, glasses and champagne in hand)


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