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Engagement Photo & Wedding Video – Family, Couples, Seniors, we offer the best. You’ve found the home of the Florida Keys. Please feel free to ask questions, enjoy our work and contemplate what your magic moment can be like with our crew bringing your story to light on camera. 

We work alone for small groups and elopements, or with a second creative camera for larger affairs. Our team varies depending on your needs.

 Our services always include drone and full finished editing production for video & photo. 

We always deliver a link to you that will last the test of time. 

Our galleries are eternally ‘up’ in the cloud and you ‘ll be able to download and share everything we capture for you. That is a lovely place to be. We are grateful to offer you this certainty.

Florida Keys Elopement Photography Ideas

#1 Kona Kai Resort - Perfect Elopement Property

Florida Keys Elopements, Engagement Photography & Wedding Video bring so much buzz to this little chain of islands. Where ocean surrounds us, sunsets and sunrises are effervescent and the bars are packed. 

We love nature, natural light and that elopement photography can totally pick up on your emotions, that sense the tension that builds up it’s more acute within these smaller groups. Whether it’s simply the two of you and your officiant. I love to photograph and film your intimate moments. 

And where does Nada Khalaf-Jones and her elopement photography, destination wedding photography and wedding video work? Everywhere we can. We photograph engagements, destination weddings, elopements, proposals and make wedding video from our base in the Florida Keys. 

#2 Islander Resort - Perfect Large Wedding Property

islander resort weddings
islander resort weddings

Having lived on three different continents means this photographer was immersed in diversity and colour and race and gender. When you live around the world, when you truly give yourself up to being poor and not speaking the language, being cared for by the locals, who don’t even know you, when you REALLY travel, that is when you get over all the isms. And find out the formula for all humanity is the same wherever you go. 

And you learn to make your own hope. Your own action. You learn to stay ‘un-bored’. By making your own vibe. And bring the universe to you.

#3 Beach Front Infinite Views - Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Key West Photography

#4 Published Success Stories - Ashley & Daniel, London & Baloo

'Engaging-Tails' A Raleigh, North Carolina engagement featured in 'Daily Dog Tag'

Just recently featured in ‘A Daily Dog Tag’ the world of North Carolina has always been attractive to me. So when Ashley said she did not have her engagement photographs done yet. This light bulb moment occurred. 

And after having just booked her wedding video and wedding photography at the Islander Resort for New Years eve 2020, with me. I was like….helllllooooo, I can come to you and shoot your engagement photos!! And so I did. It was obviously not about the money. Because, well, I covered my expenses, put it that way. 

But of course I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity…for me its about the story…and I wanted the whole package…to now have their entire photographic engagement, wedding journey is a major win for me. MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHIC WIN.

Because why? Because I am addicted to story telling. I want to tell stories. I love stories. Thanks for bringing me to Raleigh Durham, Ashley & Daniel. I am so happy to be your girl. And I can’t wait to see everyone again from the fabulous evening at Clyde Coopers BBQ and all your amazing friends and family. It will be exciting seeing who turns up…that I already met.YAAAASSSSSSS! Excitement.

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